Determining the Need for SEO for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, stands for the workflow of optimizing a website to bring it free, organic and natural traffic through search engines like Google. All major search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, make their search results relevant to the content, such as texts, videos, or images. No payment for organic traffic is necessary. Paying a fee is through Google Adwords, for example. This is known as “inorganic” traffic.

Why is SEO for small business really important? According to various studies pre-2010, Internet users use a search engine at least five times a week. Search engines are, therefore, the undisputed pioneer to bring websites a number of free visitors. Since these studies were carried out several years ago and Internet users and search engine users have expanded with the spread of smartphones and tablets, the relevance is likely to have risen further. So, if the trend continues in this direction, it will clearly show that search engines are a main acquisition channel on the Internet.

A study conducted by Harvard has shown that more than 75% of internet users looking for something on the Internet have a buying intent. This means that more than ¾ of the search engine users have the firm intention to find a dealer or service provider who sells them what they are looking for. How many people do you think have that same intent when buying a newspaper? Much less? Why is that? When people read the newspaper, they want to be informed about current events and not be prompted to buy products or services. However, if people search Google for products and/or services, then they most likely want to buy these items because they need or want them.

If a website simply places advertisements where consumers can find them, the probability is higher that they purchase something. Search queries on search engines are different because people see exactly what they need when they need it. According to the statistics, over 90% of American Internet users use Google as their main search engine. This does not mean that search engines such as Bing or Yahoo should be ignored, but SEO should be especially focused on optimizing a site to fit Google’s criteria.